Attractive Malaysian property; ringgit, prime location vs price

When there are some positive news amidst all the negative ones, let’s read about it. Especially when it’s about property. List Sotheby’s International Realty Singapore chief operating officer Leong Boon Hoe said that developments on prime lands in Malaysia are always “interesting” to those looking to invest in this region. The full article in TheEdgeMarkets here.  (Actually we can think many things when it comes to the word ‘interesting.’ I prefer to think of it as a positive one. Haha) List Sotheby’s International Realty Singapore is a member of Sotheby’s International Realty, which has 880 offices with 20,000 sales associates across 70 countries. He also said that one reason for many foreign ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) are looking at Malaysia because of the weak ringgit. (To be very direct, please do NOT buy because of weak ringgit alone. Who knows if ringgit weakens further? Of course, should it strengthen further, then that’s double positive investment.)  He shared too that these UNHWIs love properties in prime locations and not bothered with the price. The area? KLCC within KL. 
Well, perhaps these three reasons would be better for these UHNWIs to consider and I seriously do believe these people have travelled by far more than most of us and have evaluated by far more investments and viewed more luxury homes too.
i) Malaysia’s continuous GDP growth (trade numbers and especially trade surpluses too). If the GDP growth slows, many things would slow. Whether ringgit goes down or up does not really matter anymore. I think for many more years to come, unless the whole world goes into a crisis, it should still be growing. This is especially because Malaysia is also part of ASEAN and ASIA. China is an Asian country too. 🙂
ii) Demographics. It’s pretty safe as a longer term investment. Malaysians are still young in comparison to many advanced nations and this is a great theme moving forward. With these young Malaysians, the vibrancy continues and many more exciting things would happen too. Even if I am older, I would not want to stay at a place where everyone is old like me and preferring to watch TV for example. Personally, I will go crazy.
iii) Malaysia Truly Asia. There are not many countries in the world with a melting pot of culture, great food variety, really OLD rainforests, top diving sites, trading powerhouse (top 25…) and even shopping haven. (variety and price). Come to think of it, there’s more but it’s okay. I think it’s enough to say that when it comes to Asia and ASEAN, one very good consideration would definitely be Malaysia. Yeah, I am a Malaysian. 🙂
Happy dropping by Malaysia, to all the UNHWIs. Do buy within those prime locations so that you have the best views in the morning, within walking distance to a nice mall and every other weekends drop by our sandy white beaches. If I happen to know some of you, I will gladly treat you to a cup of kopi-O and a pack of aromatic nasi lemak followed by a piece of roti canai and last but not least a plate of really delicious dry curry mee. Cheers.
written on 26 May 2017
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