Are you going to be a millionaire?

If you google for ‘millionaire traits’, or ‘habits of millionaires’, you will come across a lot of similar reasons why some people can become millionaires while some may just be one out of millions of struggling middle class.
They love what they do. Always passionate in whatever they do. If they start on a new role, they give it everything they have. These are perfectionists in the truest sense. Be reminded, perfectionist is not doing something so amazingly right that first time that nothing could go wrong. Perfectionist is someone who continues to improve every time they do something. If they can find a better way to do it, they would. It’s not wasting hours after hours in polishing the car when they could have read more, earn more and get the professionals to do it. They are SMART!
They spend lesser than what they could afford. If they can afford a bungalow, they buy a semi-detached. If they can afford a semi-detached, they may choose to buy a decent sized condo instead. Why do they do this? Well, perhaps they would like to use the extra savings on more investments which gives them more returns? Think about it, the savings may already be enough for another property that you can rent out. Instead of a segment D car, they may choose to buy a segment C instead. The truth is, YOU define your car. Not the other way around. I have never heard of people being respected solely because they drive an expensive car. Envied, perhaps. Respected? Nah……
They spend their time to the fullest. Always learning, always reading. Imagine if you read a book written by someone with 10 years of experience in property investment. You would have gained tremendously and would have improved your knowledge by many levels up. These are the people who seldom watch TVB series the whole night, play Candy Crush the whole day and especially would never wake up at close to noon during weekends. Why waste time? However, these are also the same people who would have no issues to spend hours, just sitting at Starbucks, chit-chatting with like minded friends about starting a new venture / business.
I know, I am not there yet but since I have read a lot of these articles / books, I will try to follow as best as I could. How about you? Are you going to be a millionaire? Or perhaps a multi-millionaire?
written on 18th dec 2013.
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  1. Crystal Teh avatar
    Crystal Teh

    I had read a book, content about think on what millionaire thinking, act like what millionaire did, this is road to millionaire.
    When unlucky incident happened, two response, either positive thinking or negative thinking. Think on how millionaire overcome such issue, just follow their way to overcome.
    My thinking is simple, as I am Christian, I will think what lesson God want me learn when unlucky incident happened? Learn lesson from unlucky incident.

  2. Ya, playing candy crush, Facebook game, sleep sleep and sleep definitely a big waste of time. Use the time to catch up wif friend will b a much better choice.

    1. 🙂 How come I no play candy crush, facebook game, no sleep, sleep and sleep but not yet a very rich man? haha…

      1. u can play what ever game u like, sleep till what ever time u like, one think u must do is to get yourself prepared always for a strike; when the right opportunity comes, u hv to leave all yr games, wake up early to finish yr task and “STRIKE” at the opportunity u hv prepared for. May it be the property, commodity, equity, gold etc.

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  4. Jordan avatar

    It’s not about avoid doing the things ie Candy Crush, FBing, sleeping whole day which makes a person a millionaire. Not doing wrong alone doesn’t make one right, either.
    For me, find your self and create value that’s mobilizable. Do it well and you’ll go the distance. Do it, even if it means a little of candy crushing, facebooking, over sleeping. In moderation, with discipline, go in for the long run.

    1. Haha… Nice. Agree with you Jordan. ‘Create Value’ is a very powerful two-word advice. Thanks!

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