Another caught, when is Malaysia’s turn?

Another real estate agent in Singapore got caught for cheating. Somehow, it’s either they are taking it more seriously, their enforcement is better or their cases got reported while in Malaysia, we have no space for these kind of news? I think majority would say they are more serious and their enforcement are much better. The reason why I say so is because until today, after such a long time that all real estate agents must wear their badges, majority of those having one table and two chairs in supermarkets marketing properties are still NOT wearing one! Come on, surely these agents belong to a certain registered real estate agency and surely these registered agencies would want to show a good example so that there’s a real difference between the registered ones and the illegal and unregistered brokers right? If so, then why not do your tiny part in helping the whole industry? In assuring the public that real estate is a profession to be serious about?
I can safely tell you that I would never deal with any real estate agency which does not enforce the wearing of the badges. I am not an agent, not a developer but I am concerned party and wants everything to be done professionally. Until then, I do not see why the public should pay these real estate agents for their worth. Frankly, if you are a business owner and your staff shows sloppy working attitude everyday, are you sure you are going to keep this guy, pay him more and shower him with bonus? This brings me to the point that I want to make. If the fundamental are not even addressed yet, please do not start talking about ‘more serious’ or ‘better enforcement’. It starts with the registered agencies themselves. No?
wpid-dsc_0231.jpgEfforts by the MIEA are there without doubt. I saw a taxi banner promoting the use of name tags. The message shown is ‘It’s Illegal and It’s your Fault’. No idea who’s fault were they saying? Agent for not wearing or house buyers for not insisting that their agents wear one? Or for house buyers who used illegal brokers and later got cheated? The fines, the imprisonment was also mentioned too. I think this is aimed at Illegal Brokers who gets caught. They face up to 3 years imprisonment or RM300,000 fine. Certainly not worth that small money these illegal brokers are earning right? Oh yeah, my friend said that out of every legal one, there are 3 illegal ones. No idea on how true is this estimation. The only issue as mentioned remained same. There must be more public relations effort to highlight any illegal brokers caught and fined or imprisoned. Until we have cases highlighted like those in Singapore, illegal broker menace is likely to be here to stay. We have another one highlighted in Singapore. When is Malaysia’s turn?
written on 24 Dec 2014
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