Andaman Quayside – Worth listening and considering – Buy or not, decide later

I remembered I wrote about why Singaporeans may want to think about buying Penang. This is because even the middle income Singaporeans can afford to retire in Penang and in style instead of HDB flats. In my previous job, I got to know that E&O project, Andaman is loved by Singaporeans. Recently, my friend told me that they would be launching their next phase for their project in Seri Tanjung Pinang. I have been to their projects numerous times ad in fact my friend, J and his fiancé brought me to his unit which was very tastefully decorated. Seaview and yet was just S$350,000 when he bought it. It is true, S$350,000 is definitely not cheap by Malaysian standards but for a Singaporean earning S$, it is an opportunity one should listen to and decide.
Andaman QuaysideMy friend sent me a link recently. E&O event in Singapore on 1st march 2014. She said she will be going to the event and asked me to share out. Since I know the project and I have been there, I think I will share. In fact I have a unit in Tanjung Tokong thus I would naturally support any Tanjung Tokong project. E&O would be sharing this project in Singapore and has invited many prominent property gurus to share about ‘Penang Property Investment’. Agenda as follows:
12:30pm – Registration
1:00pm – The Value of a Branded Development & Why a seafront development in an Island by Mr Ahyat Ishak, CEO & Founder of “The Strategic Property Investor Model”
2:15pm – Property Outlook for Penang Market by Christopher Boyd, Executive Chairman of CB Richard Ellis (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
3:30pm – Seri Tanjung Pinang – The Seafront Master Planned Development by Ms Christina Lau, General Manager – Head of Marketing & Sales, E&O Property Penang
4:00pm – End
I think for Malaysians working in Singapore as well as for Singaporeans who are thinking about investing in Penang since both share many similar traits, why not spend your time to explore more. Only invest after you have listened and evaluated objectively. Never buy just by hearsay. In fact, after listening, I would encourage you to fly over to Penang, taste the food, feel the sea breeze and touch E&O’s current project. The price is still considered ‘value for money’ when compared to typical HDB flats in Singapore. You increased your retirement funds by 2.6x by just moving over after you are ready to retire. Link to register is below.
The link is here: E&O’s Andaman Quayside Show on 1st March 2014 in Singapore
Written on 21 Feb 2014
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