Stretch your financial capability for a home sweet home slightly farther away

562 acres for an integrated development is considered an extremely big one. After conversion it’s 24,480,720 sq ft. The development we are about to take a closer look is not within Kuala Lumpur city. It is a carefully designed neighbourhood with the concept of a gated community development. This makes up Bandar Ainsdale providing a variety of quality home choices to most middle-income households. Using Google Map, it’s either 43 minutes away from KLCC by driving or 60km in distance. I do not normally use toll booth to toll booth distance because I feel it’s still not conservative enough. Thus, I use KLCC as an end destination to measure the distance and the driving duration for any area that I would be considering to buy.
img_bandar-ainsdale_01If we have just started working for a few years within Kuala Lumpur, we should have noted some recent land deals for small plots of lands nearby or within hotspots within Kuala Lumpur. The numbers show that the prices for these are reaching the clouds. Soon, it may reach the stars. Due to these prices, the number of units (density) has to be increased and the prices elevated to levels out of reach of the majority. Some articles would point out that only the ‘elites’ would be able to afford them.
Some would then point out that prices in further areas are still ‘manageable.’ Well, the only issue with these ‘manageable’ prices would be that it is still not within the reach of the majority, especially those with a family and needs much more than just a small roof over their heads. They need space which is an expensive luxury within the KL city itself. A newly married couple needing more than just an apartment bigger than the usual 800 sq ft would find it tough to get a unit within the typical affordability. The latest average price for properties in Kuala Lumpur is RM714,000 (NAPIC data Q1 2015)
BANDAR_AINSDAL_masterplan_01_1Bandar Ainsdale and is built by a prominent developer, Sime Darby Property. It’s a mixed development offering a mix of residential homes and shop offices to suit the needs of mass communities. It includes 2-storey link homes, apartments and an array of shop offices. It comes complete with a world of amenities, all set within nature’s embrace. Briefly, it meant that this is like a small town within our very own development.
All the homes would come pre-equipped with high-speed broadband services with speeds up to 22MBps. It is activated ONLY on the day you move in and it will be free for the first two years. When we do a calculation, this is considered huge savings, especially for the middle-income households who must ensure they can get more services with less money.
img_bandar-ainsdale_03_1Within Bandar Ainsdale, there would be a lush green park surrounding a massive 7-acre lake. I certainly hope that in the future, perhaps an annual fishing contest could be held there. It is accessible directly from the North-South Expressway via the Bandar Ainsdale Interchange. Besides driving, there is also a future transportation hub just 1km away. It will have a new KTM Komuter station. Time to know more? Visit here
written on 5 May 2016
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