Affordable homes a need, stop “playing” to all

Reported in The Star today, the Penang state Housing Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo said that due to the non-issuance of Advertising Permit and Developer License (APDL), more than 3,000 middle-class families in Penang will not be able to buy low-cost, low-medium cost and affordable housing projects. This affected 10 of such projects. He said these are the families which could not afford any property above RM400,000. Total units affected is 3,188. He said he will remind the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan to respond soonest possible. He further elaborated that any government who turns a blind eye to these people in need is an irresponsible government.
Actually these ‘arguments’ have been happening for some time already. It is always one side accusing the other side. I seriously believe that the people must start to force both sides to explain in detail the reasons for the delay. Yes, I am also talking about the complaints about federal government affordable projects not being given approval by the state government to proceed. I personally do not agree to any delay and as long as both sides continue to ‘play’ these kind of blaming games, all these would continue. Come on Penangites, you deserve better. Anytime one side said something, force both sides to state their case. Supporting just one side is not going to solve anything.
Affordable housing is a NEED. This is not something that should be politicised and the politicians better understand this. If it is true that some of the documentations are incomplete, publish them and detail each and everyone of them. Whoever is lying or delaying should be ‘punished’ by the public. Happy pressuring both sides.
written on 28 Nov 2015
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