8,700,000 sf of land for PR1MA in Penang

A piece of land with a size of 80.94ha in Teluk Bahang has been bought for the 1Malaysia People’s Housing Scheme (PR1MA). This is indeed a positive news for Penangites who really wants an affordable roof over their head. Then again maybe some wants to wait for the affordable ones to be built in Baru Kawan as announced by the state government some time back. Actually, I don’t really care whether the federal government builds or the state government builds. If you have announced that you are building and you have shouted for some time, just start building it. Action speaks louder than words and if after another one year nothing happens at all, Penangites please show your displeasure. Else I think talk is cheap, for all sides.
pr1maAs for those who wants wait for three more years or more, I suggest that you look at secondary market. Yes maybe the wall paints outside the secondary apartment needs some repainting. However look beyond that who knows inside it’s still ok and you needed to just do minor renovation inside. There are many projects which are ok. Just do not keep complaining about how expensive condos are because there are plenty of choices in Penang today when compared to even another island, Singapore. There, even if you don’t care about the peeling external paint, you have no choices of Rm 250,000 for an apartment with some facilities and a covered car park. For this one aspect Penang is better today.
One more thing, if everyone who stays in these apartments take care of it, sooner or later the prices will increase and out will benefit you anyway. Complain all you want but everything begins with you. My colleague stays in an apartment in greenlane, without any facilities. It is even facing a market. Yet everything’s I go I always tell my wife how clean it’s interior is. No rubbish strewn around, nice pots of plants even if majority are cement always. The lifts are not those huge ones or those with tall ceilings but it had always been working everyone I go there. The guards are not that young but I could see two everytime.
Personally I think Penangite are lucky. So enjoy this and you either buy one stay now or register and wait for three new affordable homes. The one by the state is in Batu Kawan and the one under PR1MA is in Teluk Bahang. Your choice.
written on 24 May 2014
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