850 sq ft apartments for BELOW RM230,000

desa-water-parkDo you prefer to get a new home? I think for those who are looking for affordable ones, it may be advisable to also look at some government schemes. How about one at a pretty good location for just RM230,000? It’s not just the property price. Location is not one of those far away places. It’s under Rumawip (Yes, within KL itself!!)  I brought my family and in-laws to the Desa Water park only last year, just before it was closed for ‘renovation.’ I think this is a ‘renovation’ it will never come back from. Reported in TheStar, the former Desa Water Park in Taman Danau Desa would be the site for a total of 3,000 Federal Territories Affordable Housing Scheme (Rumawip). The developer is Aset Kayamas who bought the land for RM500 million. Land size is 16.99 ha (around 42 acres).
rumawip1 Within this piece of land would be a mixed development project comprising the affordable units as well as other commercial and residential projects. While the current number of units to be built is 3,000 there may be an additional 2,000 units too. This is pending negotiation between the Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. The units are 850 sq ft and will cost not more than RM230,000. Three other projects were also launched at the same time too.They are Residensi Desamas in Taman Desa, , Residensi Wangsamas in Wangsa Maju and Residensi Jalilmas in Bukit Jalil. The Desamas units (900 sq ft) will cost RM300,000 while units at the other two locations will cost RM198,000 for an 800sq ft unit. He also shared that, “Since 2013 until November this year, we have achieved a total of 50,455 Rumawip units or 63% of our overall target of 80,000 units by 2020.” This is the website for rumawip.
If you were to ask me how would these new units compare to the secondary ones, my advice would be to compare the size, price and location. Yes, I prefer a larger-sized ones for a lower price. In terms of location, even if it’s not as nearby to the KL city centre in distance, along as there’s a LRT or MRT station nearby, I think it is okay. Choices are not straight-forward though because some secondary ones may be a bit rundown for similar price versus the new affordable ones. The plus point would be that you can already start staying almost immediately versus waiting for a few years for a new one. No harm in both, just aim at owning one. Happy choosing.
written on 28 Nov 2016
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