450 potentially interested property investors is a good sign

It was the Bank, Law, Tax (BLT) talk today. Yes, it’s organised during a time when everyone within the property world are negative except for those who must say good things about it. Haha. Yes, I am personally confident that I would be able to find good deals within 2016. At least one, I hope. What’s BLT? Read here: Bank, Law, Tax Seminar. Free Tickets all snapped up I think for the organiser, it was a successful event. 450 people turned up and even at the end of the event, there were still people surrounding the speakers and many wanted their photos to be taken with them. Yes, it does seem funny because this is not a K-POP concert even if the trio of Miichael, Chris and Richard looked like a Korean trio; albeit of older generation. However, one of them told me that they are a K-Prop (Property) group. One things for sure, perhaps for these people they have learnt something useful, something new or something which they can take action upon in the near future.
For the 2016 property market, I think it shows that there is no shortage of people still interested with the property market despite the gloomy assessments thus far. I wrote about this earlier: Property market is slowing.Agree. However, there’re today MORE interested people I learnt that at least one took a bus yesterday night so hat he can arrive this morning. He left after the event to catch a night bus home to Penang.
Property is a funny investment category. Many are interested, majority do not understnd, many would delay or are afraid to take any action. Come on, how many of us make RM500,000 decisions easily? It may even cause bankruptcy. Read here: Bankruptcy before property, not after property, perhaps The first trading day for the stocks ended in a disaster and as at currently, BURSA Malaysia remain in the red when compared to 2015. Everyone is worried. Do they know that property market is the worst to enter or exit when we are worried because it is so SLOW when we needed to buy or dispose off the property should the next crisis strikes?
Today, we have another 450 who may potentially be buying their next property in the near future. Maybe some are buying for their first home, some for investment and minority are those who are buying third, fourth, fifth or more. This is definitely a good sign even if these days the property fairs are no longer as crazy as a few years ago. Perhaps it’s also a sign that the property buyers are more cautious and want to know more before committing. Either way, I wish them all the best. Today, the BLT seminar has managed to introduce more interested people into the property investment world. Happy scouting.
written on 9 Jan 2016
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