30 years, 11,636 acres and RM290 billion of investments. (plus 1.38 Million of jobs)

Economic growth is essential to our property investment. Please be reminded that if we have no confidence with the Malaysian economy, it’s best not to start our property investment journey. Seriously. We have access to so many other countries’ property markets. Without more investments creating more jobs paying higher salaries, there will be no growth in demand for properties. Beyond just Iskandar in Johor or even the famous Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), there’s also a lesser known name closer to Greater Kuala Lumpur. It’s called Malaysia Vision Valley. (MVV)
MVV has been mentioned numerous times but nothing too serious has happened yet. This is the Malaysia Vision Valley which is being developed by Sime Darby Property (SD Property) covering towns such as Nilai, Seremban and Port Dickson. In an article in NST,  SD Property says that it is in talks with several investors to develop the Malaysia Vision Valley (MVV) with the immediate development being a high-tech industrial park. It had engaged with the Negri Sembilan government and it says that the next step is to engage the federal government to discuss matters relating to economic affairs and transportation infrastructure. In May 2017, SD Property, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) and Brunsfield Development Sdn Bhd signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to lead the development of MVV, encompassing the districts of Seremban and Port Dickson.
Currently, MVV is in its first phase and this will cover an area of 11,636 acres over a period of 30 years. SD Property currently owns 2,838 acres of land within MVV and has the option to acquire another 8,796 acres from Sime Darby Bhd within five years from the date of its listing. MVV is actually an extension of Greater Kuala Lumpur and will capitalise on its organic growth to the south as well as existing and planned world class infrastructure and talent. It aims to attract investments from all over the world. The 30-year project is expected to attract RM290 billion of investments and create almost 1.38 million new jobs. The total proposed area is 130,000 acres and this is about 75 percent the size of Singapore. There are five strategic clausters including Edu-Tech Valley, Tourism and Wellness, New Livable township, Central Business District and Nature City. Do refer to more details in the article in NST. 
I know, that question of ‘will MVV be a property hotspot then?’ Haha. Let’s keep following for more details and always keep out ears and eyes open. Remember, opportunities should not only be that few usual hotspots that everyone is talking about everyday. When those hotspots become way too expensive, the only way is to move further away, not to borrow and keep buying ever smaller. This is Malaysia yeah. We are not an island and we are still an emerging market and NOT a developed one. Be very happy with this fact. Cheers.
written on 16 July 2018
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