2nd dose of AZ? Here’s what to expect if you are going WTC, KL.

If you want to know what happens during your first shot, this was the earlier article: My 1st AZ jab and what to expect

Today, 24th July 2021, I had my second jab for #cucukMYAZ (Yes, this is my favourite brand when it comes to vaccines).


My appointment time is 9am. I only arrive 847am and only walked out of the car park at 8:50am. It’s OKAY! If everyone can just listen and do accordingly, we will not have “concert” situation at the vaccination centres. By the way, if you arrive at 915am, you will STILL be JABBED on the day. However if everyone arrives late, then we would have “concert” situation too. So, please just be nearly on time and everyone can then leave on time too.

Parking was okay in the basement car park too

This time, I think because there are two groups; one for first jab and one for second jab, thus the car park will be more limited than usual. However, it took me just a few minutes to find a car parking space. My friend whose session was at noon also managed to find a parking space in minutes. Maybe both of us were lucky.

Lots of signboards for 2nd Dose too

By the way, it’s not possible to go to the wrong place. Just look at how many 2nd Dose signboards are there for all of us to refer to. Plus we have many friendly personnels to guide us too. Getting into Station 3 was not just walk in yeah. You will need to open your MySejahtera and complete a survey first. Then, scan as usual to go inside your station.

AZ second dose

You need that appointment card

Once you are inside, you will be asked to produce your appointment card (the one they gave you during your 1st dose) and asked to fill up a form with your name and your IC number. So, if you really do not want to use their pen, do bring your own pen yeah. I did not bring my own pen but I do remember to always use the sanitizer. So, it’s okay if you forgotten your pen.

AZ second dose

Registration and the JAB!

Then, you are ushered into the next hall and within minutes, you will be at the registration table where they ask you a few questions and voila… you are now asked to wait at the place for the next phase which is the injection. Suddenly in a few minutes, you are in the jab area where the nurse shows you the vial and the syringe and the ml and then after jabbing you where I looked at it versus looking away, she showed me again that the syringe was now empty. I said thank you and that’s the end of that stage.

AZ second dose

Observation stage

The Observation this time is pretty quick. It’s just 5 minutes, they call your name and you go to the table. After they have updated all your details, they will ask you to refresh your mySejahtera and you will see the Second Dose being updated. At first, it does not have details of the vaccine but as I was walking towards the “compulsory” area; photo taking, it was updated and the vaccine details were available too.

AZ second dose

Photo Taking Stage

I suggest asking someone to take the photo for you and help them back yeah. It’s definitely possible to put some sanitizer after that as sanitizers are available everywhere you walk. Yes, there are a few boards, so there it not really need to wait more than a few minutes.

AZ second dose

Thank you for protecting yourself so that everyone is protected yeah.

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