2027 is the year HSR KL – Singapore commences

I think this should be the latest update on High Speed Rail (HSR). Well, at least until the Leaders’ Retreat in May for Malaysian and Singaporean ministers. It’s clear that it’s hard to speed up any negotiation when it involves two countries. This is especially when the immigration is involved. These days, safety from potential terror attacks is another element too. Well, the High Speed Rail project which has been bandied about since late 1990s and was projected to complete by 2020 has a new timeline. This is as per what was reported in New Straits Times Online on 25 April 2016. It will only commence in 2027. Ahem… that’s 10 years plus away.
In Facebook, there were some cynical comments laughing at investors who bought properties in Iskandar waiting for the HSR. Seriously, Iskandar investment should be about Singapore’s progress instead of HSR. Read here:Iskandar as Singapore’s output hub, seriously Anyone can laugh at me but I personally believe that for Singapore to keep growing in both the services and manufacturing sectors, Iskandar is vital. The growth potential would come from more links instead of the HSR. Read here: RTS makes more sense, HSR can wait It should also be based on all the new promised FDIs from manufacturing plants to education parks and even oil and gas developments. Yes, theme parks would help too, in theorem of increased number of tourists.
I read somewhere before a few months back where the Chinese (China) officials said that the earlier deadlines could still be met if they are the winner to the HSR tender. Well, I think no one would expect anyone from outside ASIA to win but there are definitely interests too besides China and Japan which would be my choice too. Do note that even the part of who pays more has yet to be decided. If Malaysia is to bear majority of the construction costs, I think we should not proceed with HSR. It may stop in more Malaysian cities and towns but the cost should not be based on the actual distance. Some other cost-benefit calculations should be used instead. NST full article here. Happy waiting for more details soon.
written on 25 Apr 2016
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