12 International Schools just within Iskandar?

One of the many goals of Iskandar to be an international education destination. It aims to have 12 international schools. While I am not so sure of the criteria for these international schools but assuming all these schools takes in 2,000 students when it is full operating, there would be 24,000 spots available. The market is pretty huge once you consider the difference in exchange rate, especially if the final qualification is the same whether the student did it in Singapore or in Iskandar. Besides that, it is not really working if we intend to attract expats but there are no schools available for the children of these expats.
At this moment, there are seven that I found online. They are Marlborough College Malaysia, Raffles American School, Sunway International School, Tenby International School, Austin Heights International School, Pegasus International School, Excelsior International School, R.E.A.L Schools, Cahaya Campus. Some were part of the developer’s integrated package while Marlborough College is a very famous ‘branded’ school from the UK. During its first intake, thousands submitted applications and they do not only come from Malaysia but from overseas too.
I am very positive for these international schools. Truth is, even if everything is the same, it is much better to be studying in Iskandar because the campus would definitely have much better facilities and even fields. Those in our neighbouring country may not have the luxury of space. Thus, it is very important to get this right. Perhaps even more information and transparency is appreciated. Number of students already enrolled, who are they, where they come from and more. This would give confidence to attract even more new students into these international schools. I look forward when the 12th international school has opened its doors and the new target is to hit 24 instead. Cheers.
written on 2 May 2015
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