Is a website still relevant today? Good question! ๐Ÿ™‚

Is a website still relevant today? Good question! ๐Ÿ™‚

History of was started in Nov 2013. I did everything by myself. Even learnt how to create the website from scratch. Spent a lot of time to tinker, change, edit and then doing everything again every other year. Else, the website will start looking jaded. Sometimes, it does not work as planned and I have to change it back to the earlier version which worked better. Today, is considered a leading independent property blog in Malaysia and we have close to 20,000 visits per month.

Building a website and maintaining it

2 years ago, I decided to switch to a good friend who helped to redesign and is also helping to maintain nowadays. If you think meets your expectations in terms of a functional website, feel free to engage my good friend yeah. No need to mention my name (I do not take any commission), just proceed to speak to him yeah.


Since 2015

STAR WEB based in Penang, Malaysia, started in web development since 2015. We start with a simple goal of helping client create engaging digital experiences, mainly focus in create corporate website design, search engine optimization (SEO) & website maintenance.

Our recipe is simple

Our recipe is simple โ€“ to create a satisfying experience specially for you. And the ingredients? A plenty of dedication, a bundle of passion & a heap of efficiency. It is our greatest pleasure to help you boost your company revenue & customers base thru website.

Our clients are our friends

We listen to customers by truly understanding their goals and needs, so that we can collaborate more easily to find solutions that satisfy or exceed customers. We will take care of every single little, nitty-gritty detail so you may proceed with your focus peacefully.

Starweb’s services

Starweb’s pricing

For any business at all, a website is a basic requirement which is compulsory. It’s the identity of the company. Imagine a property developer launching a new project and it has NO website… Imagine someone selling you a product and when you google, you cannot find this product at all… Imagine a real estate agency telling you that they are very prominent, they help thousands of customers buy properties and yet you cannot find the website of the agency…

Many people tell me that youtube is more important than a website. They may be right. Many people tell me Facebook is more important than a website. They may also be right. Just remember to ensure that the youtube channel is always updated and has all the information needed for people to make their decision. Just need to also make sure the Facebook channel has probably a super big number of followers yeah.

Even after all these, website remains another important channel that businesses would need to have. Happy understanding.

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