Tanah Runtuh. Yeah, this makes me wary of where I park my car now.

Tanah Runtuh. Yeah, this makes me wary of where I park my car now.

This is the news article about it with a photo in nst.com.my (click here to view) “Five vehicles damaged as road shoulder slips into drain in Seri Kembangan”

As for the actual video, this was a video captured when the event happened yesterday and has gone viral. If you did not see it yet, here’s that youtube video.

Report when there are some potential issues which we have spotted

Let us always be aware of what’s happening around us and report if we do see something not right. For example, water seeping out from a retaining wall of a property development. Even if we are not staying there, help to call the local council and tell them about it. Just taking videos and put on our FB may gain clicks but will not help much.

From the video, it does seem that people are aware of something which is about to happen. There are some cracks on the road too. Thank you everyone and let’s all do our part.

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