StarProperty Awards 2022 – New Year New Home Property Talks

StarProperty Awards 2022 – New Year New Home Property Talks

Dear friends, drop by and say Hi, okay? I looked through the list, I know majority of the speakers and I have heard them speak before or even bought and read their books! A few of them I have had lunches and dinners and coffee sessions where I learn a lot from them too. I will speak on a controversial topic in a property show! Haha.

“8 Reasons Why property Investment is NOT for You.” Nope, I am serious. There are certaintly advantages to property investment which is why I love it so much. However, for some people, property investment is seriously not so great for them. Let me share all these and more during the talk and perhaps could also answer some of your questions if we have time. See you yeah. The full list of all the distinguished speakers are as below. Register here:

My friends include Sr Adzman Shah, Dr. Peter Yee, Miichael Yeoh, Elane Goh. (oh, I know half of all the speakers and I am sure I will get to know the rest too.) I think many may be looking forward to some Feng Shui tips too. So, drop by for Stephen’s talk too which is right after mine. Register here:

Happy Investing, whether property or non-property. 2023 will be another amazing year for all of us.

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