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This person sold land to buy Koi fish (RM300,000 land…)

This person sold land to buy Koi fish. (RM300,000 land…)

How much would you pay for one koi fish? Would you sell your land and then use the money to buy ONE koi fish? Specifically, one RM300,000 koi fish? Nope, this has got nothing to do with scams. Koi fish is indeed considered something worth investing as far as koi enthusiasts are concerned. In fact, an excellent koi fish breed can really be worth more than a luxury property! Not for me lah. Now, let’s read the news first.

Article in nst.com.my Mohd Zulkifli Husin spent all the money he earned from a land sale to buy a koi fish worth RM300,000 each. The breed he bought is the Sakai Kohaku breed which if often the winner in international competitions. Zulkifli is a hardcore koi fan and has been involved in breeding koi since 2015.

About the koi fish he bought, he said, “The fish is still at a koi farm in Japan and I have been getting offers from koi enthusiasts to buy it with the latest offer at RM450,000. I am not ready to sell it because the market price for this koi breed can reach up to RM600,000 each.”

Zulkifli shared that currently he has about 40 koi fish of various breeds in his house pond including Omosako Shiro Utsuri, Doitsu Showa, Benikiko, Sanke Sakai, Dainichi Showa and Momotaro Kohaku, all worth more than RM500,000. Do read the full article here: Article in nst.com.my

Now let’s know a little about koi fish

Here are the top 10 most expensive koi types in the world. While the 10th till the 2nd placed most expensive koi seems ‘affordable’ the top one is out of everyone’s expectations yeah. It’s ONLY US$1.8 million (RM7.56 million). The type is Kohaku. This is the same type which the buyer Mohn Zulkifli Husin bought when he sold his land. Meanwhile no.6 Doitsu is a breed from Germany. Doitsu is a word derived from Deutsche. Refer below. Koitsu is a scaleless koi fish breed.

photo source: kodamakoifarm.com

Not all koi fish is from Japan

So, now we also know koi fish does not necessarily all come from Japan! Koi also means carp. Yes, koi is an expensive carp but there are a lot of much cheaper carp fishes out there yeah. We also eat carp fishes too! Just not koi lah. Now that we know more about koi, the next time we see some koi fishes in a pond, try and identify the type and perhaps guess the price of the breed yeah.

Investment does not need to be property yeah

I love property and I will also continue to prioritise property over koi fish of course. However, koi fish does have their own supporters too. What I want to say is that if there are demand and we understand enough, then that could also be an investment too. Another friend doing very well with antiques including Nyonya items and even old bank notes which I know very little about.

Many friends who are well versed with the stock market continue to tell me that the stock market gives higher returns. I do believe them, especially the ones who did well with their investments. We just need to continue focusing on what we know best and keep doing it. Keep out speculations because that means we do not know enough. Now, that’s dangerous. Happy investing yeah.

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