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Sierra Hijauan Paves The Way With Sustainable Residential Landscape Design

Press Release: Sierra Hijauan Paves The Way With Sustainable Residential Landscape Design

IJM Land is committed to building safe and sustainable communities through unique landscaping

More than being a shelter from the heat, rain and storm, a home is a basic human need that is crucial to the quality of life. Realising this importance, housing in many developing areas in Malaysia, such as Klang Valley, have evolved over the years to accommodate other aspects that can add value to the lives of residents.

Landscape design has become a pulling factor for housing developments due to its benefits that span beyond beautification.. On top of the location, layout and amenities provided, landscape design has significantly contributed to a community’s vitality in recent years.

Known for its endeavour to innovate future-forward living spaces for Malaysians, IJM Land is committed to building more sustainable communities. With its resort-style residential development, Sierra Hijauan, the developer aims to continue leading the way in building more safe and sustainable residential landscape designs for its residents.

Over 32 acres of beautifully landscaped architecture

As an essential part of the residential area and environment, landscape encapsulates many elements, including plants and soil, water bodies, spatial configuration and design. With its sheer size, Sierra Hijauan has successfully harnessed the benefits of the 32.77-acre residential marvel that seamlessly integrates contemporary homes with Mother Nature.

Besides attractive residential aspects such as connectivity, convenience, quality and safety, Sierra Hijauan continues to attract homebuyers that appreciate well-planned and optimally-designed landscapes. One aspect of the development that continues to captivate aspiring homebuyers and residents is the exquisitely landscaped gardens and green area that make up 21% of the 32-acre development.

Designed with imagination and practicality, the landscape design in Sierra Hijauan consists of a few main highlights, including the Canal stream with invigorating walkways and bridges accompanied by the soothing sounds of cascading water. Incorporating a water body surrounding walkways and jogging tracks effectively enhances the natural ecosystem and encourages outdoor activity among residents.

The landscaping is further enhanced with a collection of vegetation, including blooming flowers along footpaths, nooks in tree perches that make rest stops fun, along with the shimmering swimming pool that ends in a floating pavilion. More than positively impacting the natural environment, the quality of the space, including social and cultural implications, psychological advantages and sustainable lifestyle, are further enhanced through thoughtful design.

“Landscape design has been an essential component of residential developments not just in Malaysia, but globally as well. Besides appealing to people’s visual needs, it serves as an important aspect that helps cultivate a sustainable environment and community. With that, we hope that our efforts in landscape design in all of our housing projects are able to encourage communities to integrate, socialise and become a tight-knit community,” explained Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager (Central Region) of IJM LAND.

Fronting a forested valley

Sierra Hijauan boasts simple and elegant architecture, further heightening the resident’s sense of grace and tranquillity. Coupled with a scenic location right next to the Hulu Gombak and Ampang Forest Reserve, upcoming homeowners can look forward to embracing a nature-integrated lifestyle next to the vast biodiversity of natural habitat.

Residents who prefer outdoor activities can also work up a sweat at the basketball court and jogging track while enjoying the fresh and cool air from the forest. As nature’s green lung, having a forest reserve next to your door ensures an endless supply of clean filtered air. On top of great natural scenery, one can also reap the benefits of healthier lifestyles and clean oxygen.

Top-grade security measures

Another key factor to building a thriving and sustainable community is safety. To this end, Sierra Hijauan has gone above and beyond to ensure that residents have complete peace of mind when enjoying their outdoor workouts, leisure walks and other activities within the gated residential compound.

“To ensure that residents can truly enjoy the amenity-packed neighbourhood, especially at night, we will mobilise our 24-hour professionally-trained security team, which will safeguard our residents through the strategic use of security cameras, regular patrols and perimeter intrusion detection system. These all tie back to our mission of providing a basic necessity in the modern world, which is the assurance of safety in our own homes,” said Dato’ Hoo.

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