Nearly 200,000 residential property transactions in 2021

Nearly 200,000 residential property transactions in 2021

Did you buy any property in 2021? If you did, your number is inside the property transaction numbers for 2021. My residential property purchase was end of 2020. So I think it should be inside the 2020 total property transaction numbers. In 2021, I bought properties but did not buy any residential properties. As announced recently by NAPIC’s data, there were nearly 200,000 residential property transactions in 2021.

Article in Residential properties transactions in property market Malaysia was 198,812 transactions worth RM76.9 billion in 2021. This was as per data from National Property Information Centre (NAPIC)

The residential sub-sector also showed increase in transactions for the following states: Kuala Lumpur (4.9%), Selangor (10.7%), Pulau Pinang (16.3%) and Perak (3.2%).” In Selangor there were a total of 48,755 transactions. Kuala Lumpur recorded 11,129 transactions.

Demand for properties priced RM300,000 and below accounted for 55.9% of the total, followed by those priced between RM300,001 to RM500,000 (24.6%), RM501,000 to RM1 million (14.8%), and those priced more than RM1 million (4.8%).

Meanwhile house prices wise, he Malaysian House Price Index (MHPI) stood at 201.5 points in 2021. This is a marginal increase of 0.6% growth. Please do refer to the full and comprehensive article here: Article in

Property market Malaysia in your opinion?

What is your thought about property market Malaysia? Has it been affected by the many comments in your social media account from all your friends? Maybe it’s all doom and gloom? Or maybe it’s all fine and dandy? Are you in any decision stage for any property? Or you are part of the group who would only buy when the property market has collapsed and you could pick up great undervalued buys?

What is certain is that we have close to 200,000 residential property transactions in 2021 despite the many closures and lockdowns. Let’s hope that with the current move towards endemicity, the number of property transactions would also rise in tandem. If the number rises, it could also be considered as a move towards normalisation as well. Exciting times ahead I feel. As for property prices, I still wish it would just move slowly. No rush, it’s okay.

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