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Travelling on the PLUS expressway between 4th to 6th February 2022? Read this.

Travelling on the PLUS expressway between 4th to 6th February 2022? Read this.

Nobody likes to be stuck in the expressway, I think?

It’s not a happy event to be stuck in the highway for double the time or more than our usual travelling time. The longest I have ever spent on the journey from Ipoh back to KL was 5.5 hours and it was a very tiring one. This is why I would rather start earlier, arrive earlier and enjoy a coffee or meal when I arrive versus spending an extra 30 minutes and then getting into a jam of hours.

For those who like to know what is PLUS’ guidelines for those travelling between 4th and 6th February 2022, the guideline is as below.

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PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) “Pulang Ke Bandar” or return to Klang Valley Travel Time Advisory (TTA) advises all customers from north and south to enter the highway before 9:00 am for travels between 4th to 6th February 2022.

An increasing traffic trend was recorded on the second day of CNY (February 2nd) when the North-South Expressway saw a surge in traffic from all states. A similar traffic pattern is expected to be repeated this Saturday 5th February and Sunday 6th February as those taking extended off days and school holiday begin their journey back to the Klang Valley.

“We urge the public to plan their safe journey home by following the TTA,” said PLUS Chief Operating Officer, Datuk Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi.

PLUS has made preparations to ensure highway customers enjoy a comfortable return journey to the city. Among these are the deployment of additional PLUSRonda teams to assist those who may encounter problems with their vehicles. Through the collaboration with the Traffic Police (PDRM) and Road Transport Department (JPJ) for enforcement along the highway, arranging RELA teams to facilitate traffic management at toll plazas and rest areas as well as providing traffic information updates through various PLUS communication channels, these initiatives are aimed to provide assistance in case of eventualities.

“Make sure that your Touch ‘n Go card or Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet (for RFID transactions) balance is sufficient to enjoy an interrupted journey at the toll plazas and always adhere to the Covid-19 prevention SOPs at the R&Rs as well as lay-bys. Do use travel apps such as Waze or Google Map to pre-emptively plan your route to avoid traffic congestion along the highway,” added Datuk Zakaria.

Access to the latest highway news, traffic situation across the multiple PLUS Malaysia social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and website as well as via the PLUS App, which will help in one’s journey planning.

— end of community message —

Hopefully all of us drive safe, stay alert by listening to good music and enjoy that good meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner happily. Cheers.

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