MRT Putrajaya Line will be opening in less than 2 weeks!

MRT Putrajaya Line will be opening in less than 2 weeks!

Happy even if I do not take MRT weekly

I am super happy reading this news today. It meant that Klang Valley is becoming even more connected and it’s getting harder for people to use the excuse just to buy a new car. 🙂 I will choose to drive because I prefer the convenience. However, as everyone knows, the petrol subsidy days are coming to an end soon. I have no idea how it will be implemented but perhaps there would be a limit? Anyway, I have an Exora and a Persona. Perhaps national cars are given some advantage in getting the petrol subsidy? Haha. Let’s see.

Anyway, here’s that news about MRT Putrajaya line.

Article in The long-awaited phase 2 of the Putrajaya MRT line will open on March 16, says Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp). The Putrajaya Line, formerly known as the Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya (SSP) line, runs through 36 stations to complete what is known as Klang Valley’s second MRT line. Read more here: Article in

MRT Corp’s FB page also happily showed this:

MRT and property is related, definitely

It will not increase the property price tremendously yeah. However when the developer is trying to sell us a property, mentioning the property as being close a MRT station is likely to be an extra added positive versus having no MRT stations nearby. Meanwhile anyone trying to rent out a property will get a lot more interest when the advert says ‘walking distance to a MRT station.” Last but not least, please remember that parking in the city centre can only get more expensive and not cheaper. Petrol price can also get more expensive faster because the government really have little choice since they do not have GST back in its rightful place yet. Happy understanding.

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