Kuala Lumpur a City for All. DBKL and MRT Corp’s vision

Kuala Lumpur a City for All. DBKL and MRT Corp’s vision

Cities, especially the capital city will always become more expensive. Job creation, especially the higher paying roles are usually in the city centre and not so commonly available in some far away regions or small towns. Occasionally we may have a catalytic development in a small town but this is likely to be confined to that area and is unlikely to change the attractiveness of larger cities.

Kuala Lumpur is one such city. Whether it’s for the many tertiary institutions or the big number of foreign multinationals or even for headquarters of local companies, it is usually located in Kuala Lumpur and not in a small town, not even in an outskirt area outside of Kuala Lumpur. There’s now a plan to develop Kuala Lumpur into a “City for All:

Article in edgeprop.my The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and Mass Rapid Transit Corp Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop the federal capital into a “City for All” by providing efficient and people-friendly mobility.

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Seri Mahadi Che Ngah said DBKL will assist MRT Corp as the facilitator for, among others, the planning, issuing of applications, and approving of permits, and construction in making the MRT3 project implementation a success.

He said, “DBKL does not want any problem which could hamper the MRT3 construction and we hope that this project could be completed as scheduled.” Please refer to the full article here: Article in edgeprop.my

Whatever it’s called, let’s wish it success

It may not be possible to house everyone inside Kuala Lumpur. It may be too expensive to do so and it will also be too congested too. I guess that “City for All” concept would also be about lifestyle and the people and not just making everyone stay inside city centre. By the way, this concept may even mean that DBKL will prefer NOT to have more cars driving into the city centre yeah. They are working with MRT Corp, so definitely it is to ensure more people go to KL via the MRTs and not in their own cars. Cheers.

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