Buying (UN)real estate in Metaverse? Be prepared with more money

Buying (UN)real estate in Metaverse? Be prepared with more money.

Metaverse is for real, someone told me

Someone told me that metaverse is for real. Everyone would soon be on metaverse. In fact, it’s better to be in metaverse as early as possible and start investing there. I do not doubt that someone. I do think metaverse will be going through a rapid rise and even transformation. Just look at how much Microsoft intends to pay to start their journey seriously. Microsoft plans to acquire Activision Blizzard for US$68.7 billion or even the fact that Facebook is now known as Meta.

Anyway, a good article to read is below, in It explains that someone paid a lot of money to be next to an idol. WOW!

Article in Digital Land Grab: Metaverse Real Estate Prices Rose 700% In 2021. In December 2021, a fan of the musician Snoop Dogg paid $450,000 to purchase “land” in the metaverse next to Dogg’s virtual property. Please do read the full article with a lot more details here: Article in

If real money is needed…

When more people are on the bandwagon, as usual, even more people will be in as well. Just need to remember this. If we need real money in order to do very well within the metaverse, it also meant that the wealthier people in the real world today will dominate the metaverse when it becomes extremely mainstream in the future.

For example, if a billionaire decides that he / she likes to go into metaverse and buy up some serious real estate using his real money, then it’s likely that his piece of real estate in the metaverse will be way bigger than what I could afford… So yea, participating may be necessary but if we really want to achieve anything significant, try to also do the same in the real world first.

After all, we will still need to switch off that metaverse to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner too. Cheers.

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