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KL Wellness City Poised to Invigorate the Medical Tourism Industry in Malaysia

Press Release: KL Wellness City Poised to Invigorate the Medical Tourism Industry in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 10 January, 2023 – Following the opening of borders in April last year, the Medical Tourism industry has recorded RM726 million of revenue as of Q3 2022 and is on the way to achieving its RM1 billion target for 2022. It was projected that the sector will bring in RM2 billion annual revenue in 2025.

In line with projections, purpose-built township KL Wellness City (KLWC), aims to drive medical tourism in Malaysia through its vision of a 360-degree wellness hub centered around its township which encompasses all aspects of medical care, health, wellness, fitness, and business, complete with residential, retail, and commercial offerings.

KL Wellness City Sdn Bhd Managing Director Dato’ Dr Colin Lee said, “The Healthcare Travel Industry Blueprint 2021-
2025 by Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council has identified that “Step down, rehab and wellness development for healthcare travel” is one of the critical touchpoints that require key improvements.

KLWC is a city dedicated to healthcare and wellness living at its core. As the first real estate development in South East Asia to pioneer a comprehensive ecosystem of healthcare and wellness-centric living, KLWC is targeted to become a hub for local and international medical tourism. For tourists and visitors local and abroad, KLWC will position Malaysia as the ideal location in the South East Asia region to travel and visit, in addition to indulging in an environment of the best healthcare and wellness facilities designed for better living.”

Spanning over 26.49 acres, KL Wellness City is 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), it is a complete healthcare travel ecosystem anchored with The Nobel Healthcare Park, The International Tertiary Hospital, 379 medical specialist suites, retirement resorts for independent and assisted living, a healthcare mall, residential units, commercial shop lots offering health and fitness-centric retail as well as food and beverage outlets, a Multimedia Super Corridor-designated office space, and a central park.

The Nobel Healthcare Park and The International Tertiary Hospital

Located in the heart of Bukit Jalil, The Nobel Healthcare Park, which consists of the medical, business, wellness & retail suites, has a fully-connected ecosystem of specialists and ancillary medical services interlinked with adjacent International Hospital @ KL Wellness City, approved as a tertiary hospital with 624 beds and scalable to 1,000-bed capacity.

“Malaysia has been receiving medical tourists from various countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and China, for its affordable and good healthcare.

In terms of medical tourism, the wellness suites cater for patients who are in step-down care – those who have been discharged from hospital but are still recovering and may require assistance such as daily physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

The suites also cater to the families of medical tourists, who require accommodation closer to the patients and to various medical professional, amenities and facilities when required, particularly The International Tertiary Hospital.”

Lee added that The International Tertiary Hospital aims to be the most well-equipped and modern hospital in the region across areas including cardiology, spine health, neuro health, sports medicine, cosmetic surgery and fertility, with R&D laboratories and facilities for clinical studies across a variety of fields equipped with cutting-edge technology.

“Malaysia has a history of being one of the best locations for medical tourism and leveraging on that, The Nobel Healthcare Park, is more than just its services – it is part of the KLWC ecosystem that covers the aspects of healthcare,
including acute medical care, emergency care, wellness, and fitness in addition to cultivating a lifestyle that is healthcentric for its residents and medical professionals. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a need to live healthily among people. KLWC was conceptualised around the idea of healthy living.

As the first-of-its-kind medical and wellness hub, The Nobel Healthcare Park is set to reinvent the way medical professionals operate and manage their practices, as well as the way people live and reside, incorporating a sense of longevity and wellness in their everyday lives. We share the ambition to make Malaysia the undisputed destination
for medical tourism, as well as setting a new benchmark for hospitality, living and medical care through KLWC” Lee concluded.

In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year, KL Wellness City will be hosting its CNY celebration, the ‘Spring of the Auspicious 8’, for the first time at the newly opened KLWC gallery in Bukit Jalil on January 14th & 15th and February 4th & 5th with several fun-filled activities, performances, and rewards for both adults and children, such as:

Special Activities and Performances
• Acrobatic Lion Dance
• Chinese Orchestra Performance
• Tarot card reading by Cris Angel
• Kids DIY Workshops
• Cookie Baking Workshops
• Valentines Baking Workshops
• Spring Rewards Wheel of Fortune, where cash rebates of RM1888, RM2888 and RM3,888 when you
purchase a property at The Nobel Healthcare Park as well as other tokens.

In addition to the activities, attendees will enjoy traditional Chinese delicacies namely Dragon Beard Candy, Ting Ting
Candy, and Sugar Calabash. Attendees can also participate in KL Wellness City Spring Rewards by taking a photo in
KL Wellness City gallery with the CNY themed decorations, posting and tagging KLWC on Facebook or Instagram
platforms and get a chance to spin the Spring Rewards Wheel of Fortune.

– End –

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