Hong Kong aims to reopen borders with China. (Also means China reopens yeah)

Hong Kong aims to reopen borders with China. (Also means China reopens yeah)

China is an ‘engine’ to the world economy

China has a population of 1.4 billion. if we assume just 3% of them would travel somewhere out of China, that’s 42 million people. It’s bigger than the whole population of Malaysia. Assuming each of these spending just RM200 per day and that’s a staggering RM8.4 billion. With a multiplier effect of 4, it’s RM33.6 billion to the world economy. Has China reopened? Not yet but they are indeed more open to reopening. Hong Kong’s leader John Lee announced that Hong Kong aims to reopen its border with China by mid-january 2023. Let’s read more.

Article in The border between Hong Kong and China has been shit for nearly three years as China enforced a zero-Covid strategy. Hong Kong’s chief executive John Lee said that the border would be restored to pre-pandemic state.

He said, “The central government has agreed to the full reopening of the border in a gradual and orderly manner.”

Local authorities on both sides of the border will present a proposal for Beijing’s approval, “intending to be implemented before mid-January”, he added.

Hong Kong has pursued a lighter version of Beijing’s zero-Covid strategy and has also recently begun unwinding restrictions in a bid to reboot its international business ties.

Currently, Hong Kong residents travelling to China can only do so through a handful of border control points and are subject to mandatory quarantine. Do read the full article here: Article in

Do we welcome Chinese tourists?

Malaysians are travelling overseas. I think everyone has friends who are doing so. Number of new Covid-19 cases all over the world is very close to 560,000 PER DAY. As per all reports, these are usually lower than what’s really happening. So, if we assume the actual number is just 3x higher, it means every day, there are close to 1.8 million cases.

Source: dated 30th Dec 2022

Malaysians are travelling overseas and when they arrive at these countries, chances are the people there are not wearing masks and Malaysians may also be tempted not to wear masks as well. If we see the whole road are people without masks… These Malaysians would then return to Malaysia and there are NO additional checks for all these travellers beyond just temperature scanners I think?

What about some other selected countries?

Source: dated 30th Dec 2022

Source: google.comdated 30th Dec 2022

I am the first batch of AZ vaccination ‘volunteers’

Just yesterday I was speaking to a good friend who told me he still remembered how he struggled to secure an AZ appointment. I told him that I never had any issues to register both my wife and myself because we were thre first batch. When Malaysians were all against AZ because it’s more dangerous etc. I told him that when AZ arrived, it was already widely administered in the UK. That’s why I do not believe in all the fear mongers. I believe in actual facts. By the way, it was also established that AZ is as good if not better than any so-called better brands yeah. This is why if you ask me, I just prefer to look at facts and not based on why people fear or say or shout.

I do not think I would personally benefit directly from more Chinese tourists. However, I am definitely against banning them from coming in for 30 days or 60 days or even 90 days. Do the necessary. Period. Thank you.

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