Alea Residence: Low-rise Comforts Reimagined

Press Release: Alea Residence: Low-rise Comforts Reimagined

Myra Alam’s Alea Residence promises a life of convenience and simplicity through New South Wales-inspired elevated living.

Our homes are our happy spaces. There are places where we get to unwind after a long day, make memories with our loved ones and just generally forget about the hustles and bustles of life. A trip back home can bring joy and serenity to our lives or sometimes doom when we think about issues such as convenience or lack thereof.

Which brings us to the question; how convenient is your current home in terms of location, accessibility, and amenities? Do you feel safe in your environment? Does it match your bank balance, and are you getting your money’s worth? These are all big questions, especially when looking for a home, but fortunately for us, Myra Alam’s Alea Residence might be the answer you didn’t know you needed.

Located in Puncak Alam, which is one of the popular towns booming thanks to its strategic location and connection with highways such as DASH, LATAR, and Guthrie Corridor Expressway, it has become a hub for many developers seeking to expand into various projects in the area.

Final phase in Myra Alam

Alea Residence, the last phase of the Myra Alam township development, promises future homeowners a new scenery and way of living unlike anything they have seen before. It features unique landed home features where you will enjoy the perks of living in a landed house while being elevated. That means saying goodbye to tedious trips from the car park with heavy bags of groceries all the way up to your floor or waiting for a busy elevator as the car park and your home will be on the same level.

Alea residents also have access to stunning exclusive facilities for the only low-rise courtyard apartments in Puncak Alam, which features three courtyards: Kinetic, Serene, and Gala. Each courtyard has been named according to the facilities it represents, and as such, Kinetic emphasises movement and motion and has a badminton court, playground, daycare, and reading room.

Serene, as the name entails, is all about relaxation, which features a twenty-five-metre pool, a children’s pool, and a gym overlooking the pools. Gala overlooks celebration and houses the multipurpose hall, BBQ pavilion and open lawn. In addition, the residence also has a landscaped pond with facilities such as a futsal court, a jogging track and a trader’s hall, which can be used by residents who want to open a small business in the community.

The courtyards are between the four residential blocks and are furnished with pristine landscaping for the residents’ view. Additionally, the extrinsic facilities will foster great relationships among the residents leading to a closer-knit community.

Details of Alea Residence

With a GDV of RM157,718,400, Alea Residence has a total of 364 units across 5.92 acres. It has four blocks with four types of unit plans, namely, Arctic, Bastion, Colossal and Universal, ranging from size 861 sqft to 1,055 sqft, with two to four-bedroomed apartments. Homeowners can choose a space that fully caters to their individual needs, from singles, new couples, small families, larger families with 2-3 kids, people who enjoy resort-style facilities, and those looking to upgrade to a landed house but can not afford one.

Arctic Home plan features a 2+1 bedroomed unit with two bathrooms across 861 sqft. It’s closest to the lift and has a yard large enough to be converted into a space for laundry and a wet kitchen to cook. It is best suited to single people or newly weds where it boasts a spacious master bedroom and an additional room that can be turned into a home office or study.

Universal Home, which is the same size as Arctic Home, was designed with the OKU in mind. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, located on the ground floor with its parking unit right outside of their home. Since it was designed for the OKU community, it has larger hallways and wheelchair-accessible areas that have been fitted with ramps and accessories to suit their needs. The Universal Home also has a walk-in closet in the master bedroom for easy accessibility.

Bastion Home, whose main aesthetic and vision are; “fortified with balance”, is 937 sqft in size and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bedroom and the other two bedrooms are positioned on two separate ends, giving the inhibitors private and personal space away from each other. 

With four bedrooms and two bathrooms on a 1,055 sqft unit, Colossal Home simulates vastness and unlimited space as it is the largest unit in the entire development. This unit is built for larger families with young and grown children, and the rooms are separated into different wings; hence, there’s more privacy for the main bedroom and bedrooms 1, 2, and 3. It also has a larger guest bathroom with a powder room and some units located in the quieter and more private area of the development. 

Akil Kalimullah, Culture Chief of Myra, shared, “Everyone is always looking out for landed homes, but we wanted to change this perspective and bridge the gap between landed and high-rise. That’s why we came up with the concept of elevated living with a low-rise apartment and same-level car park. It matches the feel and experience of living in a landed home with our homebuyers, which is precisely what sets Alea Residences apart from landed homes, townhouses, and even high-rise projects. Our inspiration was to have a touch of Australia’s low-rise residential home designs brought back to Malaysia. By incorporating New South Wales’s urban vibe, we added a refreshing outlook to low-rise homes, clean lines, spacious layouts, and minimalist aesthetic.”

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