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Anyone can get scammed by similar tactics. One person lost over RM5 million.

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Please do read and know how people got scammed. Learn from it and tell all your loved ones and your friends. The scammers are getting ever more sophisticated and realistic! Please do not be greedy with any potential windfall from someone you do not know. Why you?! I mean, if the deal is so good, why give to you and just you?

Here’s another one of the scam cases and it happened in Singapore. Someone posed as Singapore Police Force (SPF). Quite amazing right that they could pull this off. The victims were told they were being investigated for money-laundering activities.

More details as per the Article in thestar.com.my 16 people were cheated by scammers who posed as officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) between January and July 2021. One of them lost S$1.7mil (RM5.30mil).

How it worked is the the victims received unsolicited robocalls purportedly from the Singapore High Court. The calls were supposedly transferred to a police officer, who informed the victims that they were being investigated for money-laundering activities.

After this call, the conversations are then moved onto messaging apps Line or WhatsApp, with non-users instructed to download either of them. After being shown a fake SPF warrant card, the victims would be instructed to surrender their money for investigation by transferring their money to various bank accounts controlled by the scammers. Full report in the article here. Article in thestar.com.my

A few important points whether it’s the police in Singapore or here in Malaysia

No police force would tell you to send them money via online…

No police force would request for your personal details over the phone and even automated voice machines.

A police officer will not be going to your social media account and tell you they are so and so and tell you that you are being investigated…

I also tell my wife to just ignore all these calls. End the call, call the nearest police station, give them the details. This will help any investigation they need to do and they definitely will not ask you to add them as FB friend or LI friend too. Get serious yeah.

Last but not least, please do tell everyone you know so that they would not lose their life savings. It’s a very pitiful case if 30 years of savings were all conned by these scammers. Yes, I have received many of these calls and my father has received a call saying that his son was caught and now needs money in order for the release.

Seriously, even if one is arrested, one can still make the call and it does not need to be the police making the call and asking for money. Stay safe everyone. Now we have to worry to just about the Covid-19 but also these scammers. One affects our life the the other our livelihood. Both are deadly. Stay away.

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