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ABCs of Property Investment

Property price movement? Landed vs high-rise, again? 2016 – 2021?

Property price movement? Landed vs high-rise, again?. Then for the next question, would high-rise units also increase in price? Do property price increase also included high-rise? Which type of property has the highest property price increase? Let’s not debate. Let’s just look at actual numbers from our National Property Information Centre (NAPIC)’s latest data yeah. If you suddenly feel scared that the lines are going downwards, please look at the detail to have an idea whether it is a negative number or positive yeah.

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Property Market Malaysia 1H2021: Recovering or still discovering?

Property Market Malaysia 1H 2021: Recovering or still discovering?

Property Market Malaysia: Recovering in-tandem with economy I am not rich enough to buy properties in some advanced nations. I am not even sure if the banks would lend me the money if I were to do so. It’s okay, I do think property market Malaysia has a very long journey to go and this is perfectly fine for me. I do think property market Malaysia is doing well enough despite the pandemic but since I am just a blogger, let’s have those ‘authority’ tell you what they have announced after looking through the numbers yeah.

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